How to: sewing & embroidery tips

Facemasks will be part of our lives for the time being. So we might as well embrace it. Give it your own spin and make something beautiful out of them. I'm happy to help you!

My facemask embroidery designs are based on the CraftPassion sewing pattern. Download your free copy of the pattern and sewing instructions from their website.

Tips for embroidering and sewing your facemask:

  • Use the advised thread colors. We provide color charts with all embroidery designs, you can find them on our website.
  • The first embroidery area is the border of the entire pattern piece without seam allowance. Use a color matching to your fabric for this.
  • After embroidering, iron on some interfacing on the backside of your pattern piece. This way all threads are immediately covered and you add some fixation to your embroidery.
  • Put some pins on the center front seam (on the edge of your embroidery). Do this for both pieces at exactly the same places and make sure the pointy tips are on the embroidered sides. Lay both pieces on top of each other, embroidered sides on the inside, and stick the pins from each side in exactly the same spot on the other side. You will have pins sticking out on both sides. When everything is aligned perfectly secure them, preferably with sewing clips.
  • Baste the center front seam in the seam allowance, check if both sides are aligned correctly.
  • Sew the center front seam exactly on the edge of your embroidery, turn and check if there are no blank spaces visible in the seam. If there are, sew theses parts a little closer to the embroidery.
  • Finish your facemask as described in the sewing instructions by CraftPassion.

Note: We do not give you any guarantees this facemask will prevent you from becoming infected with COVID-19. StudioZACHT does not take any responsibility and is not liable, using our embroidery designs is at your own risk. Please follow advisement of your officials and take all preventative measurements needed to maximize your chances to stay healthy.


These designs are meant for personal use. If you want to use them for facemask intended for sale, please contact me first for a licenseagreement. It's prohibited to sell items with my designs without permission and/or agreement, but if you want to produce in bulk and make the world a little prettier with them I'm happy to cooperate. That way we will both be happy.


Are you looking for a specific design or do you want something custom made? Please contact me and I'll create something for you. If you want exclusive rights to the design, please let me know this too in your request.

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